Chaos valley is a resort of its own kind for political gaming. It is manmade. It is powerful forces – its overlapping generations of political and military leaders, multitrillion bankers, intelligence systems operators and designers, and professors from the social sciences all in the form of The Emperor of the dolorous realm at CANTO XXXIV in Dante’s Divine Comedy – who own it in common.

Neither its leadership and management, nor its constituency is new. It has covered centuries in different forms. In the past, Chaos Valley belonged to one or another group of planetary giants at war fighting for the control of the planet. Now the situation has changed.

Furious, armed gladiators in thousands flow into the fray in the amphitheatre, from the minor forces in world politics. Chaos valley is so open and wide that its owners enjoy watching those minor forces – Syria, South Sudan, Iraq, and Ukraine and elsewhere in Latin America – engaged in internal interminable conflicts going on until the results indicate sustained disaster in human life and wealth in the minor political actors. If there is some breeze of peace in the conflict environment, it is then the war has to be refueled and energized.Africa chaos

From the waiting list, in the hand of the Conglomerate, of the “hopeful” to actively join the cluster in trouble, North Korea and some more in the Middle East and, for a long time at about the top of the checklist may be ignited for smiles, and laughter of the Chaos-Conglomerate. The Congo, though now showing a sign to walk away from its past, had committed itself to Chaos Valley for quite long. All that is nonsense in Libya is tuned to a glaring beauty of the Valley. Libya’s former leader Kaddafi sniped with intrigue from Chaos Valley is said to have had lost billions of dollars, his life and country to his neo-liberalist friends in the best seats of the theatre.

Africans have for long obeyed the rule. Coup d’états in West Africa and Bokoharam in Nigeria are torches in Chaos Valley as is I.S in Syria and Iraq. Bokoharam, I.SIS and their affiliates are products of Chaos Valley. They are given a mission and their exercise with no victory for them. They are there to break up the status quo, which they are doing to their bitter end – with a monster’s political and inhuman image waiting for the film industry.. .

Chaos Valley Conglomerate is everything. It produces seeds of conflict and war. It works at germinating its kernel on peaceful farms. Those may sprout within seconds, days, decades or centuries for reproduction and effective disaster.

Chaos Valley is heavily guarded behind a firewall. It is abhorrent to any sign of peace.

Who are the contributors to what goes on in Chaos Valley?

Leaving aside the Conglomerates, they vary in their history. Some are from politicians, others from “religious” warriors. Those from history of generations of hatred from the Conglomerate don’t have to be forgotten. Ethnic conflict covers a multitude always at war with itself. All these are cannon fodder to illuminate Chaos Valley.

Chaos valley cannot survive peace. It has to be fed on misery and human blood from the multitude. It is all about irrecoverable destruction of nations, and disruption of societal meaningful life. What is so far experienced, talked about and scantly recorded in history tells a lot about the feeble jumping into the battle at a call from Chaos Valley command post. It is the status quo. The actors for the amphitheater instinctively go for the destruction and ruin of peace, history and treasure in their hands, and monstrously.

Chaos Valley has all the tools, mental and material, to twitch the wretched to its needs. It is, at the moment, about in full control of the mind and flesh of the latter.

The constituency of the Conglomerate is submerged in uncertainty about its end; it is not sure about extending its survival for a good future. That’s why it is keen at its “high value” expectations from turmoil and devastation of the weakling. If results are astray of its conventions, its readiness and flexibility for maximum output from the self-inflicted disaster of the weakling easily enables it to manipulate any situation. This is a major part of its plan for survival.

Not everything is new about Chaos Valley. It, every second or less, has a new plan in hand for deciding “in time” the destiny of the flock ready for a call to its own doom.

Where does one start in the struggle for survival? No doubt, it would be effortless with what could be dusted off at ease. That is what Chaos Valley is engaged in. After all, it is a theatre of endless mayhem of the misguided flow of the throng easily pushed into fire, for no return in life.

Has something like that happened in real life in any society that we know, and that at a call from elsewhere?

Yes! That is what we have lightly touched on African, some from the Middle East countries and others elsewhere from other parts of the world some fully and others partially in Chaos Valley. How did it all begin with each country? There is nothing good to learn from that.

It is in elections to parliament, in third world countries, foreign interests daringly tamper the system through their instruments. Foreign Media Empire extends its hands, thousands of miles, to arouse its agents to activate all local rudiments of evil and furnishes them with all devices for enrichment of Chaos Valley. The bedlam clears the road into the bosom of the Valley. That, if successful, remains the dark history of any nation.

For same end, in and around the world, there’s more for worse for one engaged in blasphemy. But from bad experience of the past, and sincerely out of the exercise to engage diabolical alien forces, signaling Chaos Valley into meddling with democratic elections in the past, Ethiopian 2015-political platform will have to shun such a temptation of a dark history – at a call of Chaos Valley – to transport misery to generations to follow. It is time politicians in the game for the pedestal of power against the ballot box be aware of the consequences of the slippery road to Chaos Valley.

The gateway into Chaos Valley is open, but not the other way round. All somehow pulled into it have neither the opportunity nor the time to regret for, and save themselves from a dark history of their folly.

The way and time to ordinary murky, repulsive history is short. But to the opposite, the way and the time is loaded with sincere, honest responsibilities for one’s country, the citizenry, and generations to follow.

Had we not ever seen our country trampled under brutal action from its offspring, and its wealth set on fire, in response to losing the pedestal of power in the elections? That history stained with crime cannot be erased and neither be forgotten in the minds of the citizenry. Most sons and daughters of any nation are genuine to it in all aspects of their life. A few, as is always in the history of nations, are renegade-spectators watching their mother gripped trouble.

Be at the commanding heights of virtue, in the face of all Ethiopians, as a genuine contestant in the coming race. Whether you win or not in the race, respect all Ethiopians for giving you the opportunity to be one among runners, and thank them loudly. You have proved to be part of the learning process in democracy not stirred with external hands, and never looking along the road, and contrary to Chaos Valley.


Asteway Beyene

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