(Asteway Berhanu)

Today’s third-world politics is overly in alien hands. If some muscular political power feels the poor is not up to its expectations, whatever that expectation might be, it preaches for “democracy” for the poor country. Democracy, in this context, is just a drama in the language of the initiator. The one-sided media moguls take assignments, share assignments in the interest of the initiator. From spots all over the world, they engage themselves at growling at whole populations ignorant of the source, cause and nature of the howling propaganda about a “revolution” destroying and burning their houses, and dismantling family life. Neither materially nor psychologically prepared for the dooms day, whole populations are thrown out into a hell of misery that no human being under the worst conditions in life would dream about. Leaving the home on fire, houses, markets, roads, schools, hospitals, cultural centers, religious institutions and all the like changed to ashes, the dignified citizenry now a myriad of beggars elsewhere unknown. That is half of the aim of the initiator.

Is not all done for democracy, if the understanding of democracy is not polarized? It is for the interest of the initiator getting collaborators at a low cost, at the cost of their countries submerged in strategic disaster. The initiator is always anchored to maximum gain from the losses on the other side. The later, irrecoverably find themselves marooned in the dark. What is the proportion in number, between the initiators of such a situation and the losers on the global economic and political platforms, and on peace, and manmade disaster?

The last two decades have witnessed the precision of the initiator guiding whole populations falling prey to tantalizing “democracy”. Their countries they labored for, for the future of their offspring are heading, for a no return, into the abyss. Once they are torn up to atomicity, there is no way for weaving the nerves, blood vessels and muscles in the service of common interest. Rather, the fragments are changed into missiles hurled at one another, wildly, until they have no more to decimate one another reciprocally. That is also part and parcel of the initiator-strategy.

What comes to one’s mind is that a brand in the spectrum of evil is sticking its head up through a hidden agenda. It is shrouded within a thin layer of the legacy of colonialism in scientific-technological armory. The poor, with no resource to sing for democracy is still poor at large. But, along the course of history, not all the poor is silent about “democracy”. There will be some “to guide” the initiator in its endeavors to “democratize” the poor, and politically, culturally and psychologically craft for worship and obedience. But the change will be slow without multi-purpose war, which is easier to ignite. It is easy to create it within a framework of contradictions. It is only peace once off hand difficult to grab. It is a matter of just to inflating differences of opinion about life in their country. It is then easy to buy one side for “democracy,” and subordinate it to submission. Then things are easy for the initiator to trigger war between them, magnify victory of one side and loss of the other, regardless of the reality.

The ordinary man has no time, neither the capacity nor the experience to observe the direction of events. It is only when his neighborhood, his house and all that he had taken for granted in life is knocked to shreds he partially wakes up and think of life in a dreary situation. He, with his family in demise, joins the multitude in a grip of the few in ruin elsewhere throughout the world.

In the last two decades, there have been countries where citizens have been howling in search of armament to fight with their brothers at home. Many of them invited foreign forces to arm them, fight for them and align their propaganda machine with them. No doubt many others are in the waiting list. Those once trapped in a snare of war at home, at the behest of foreign hands, have time neither to read nor to write good history, nor to flash their thought in the interest of their society. Would time give them any opportunity to regret their folly? Not all of such creatures are destined to repent for damage they incur on their countries. No doubt though, regret for the damage one had caused in society in the past may help one in the future, as a matter of experiencing nationhood spiritually, at least. Otherwise damage done will remain with its history. It will be a permanent wound multiplying the scars since its occurrence.

The country obeys all preconditions to get help for rehabilitation of the breathless economy, and the infrastructure brushed away from the scene with all the wealth attributed to its origin. Even worse, there is nothing new about the consequence of fragmentation of a nation at war with itself, even if thinking and worrying about that is a “sin”.

Well. Contemporary revolutionaries, unlike of the past, are crowded around “democracy”. For many, the consequence of the war for “democracy” in Yugoslavia – now erased from the political map of Europe – battering a great nation with unforgettable Second World War history, things are understandable where the world is heading to.

Yugoslavia had advanced in industry, science and technology. Not many countries had attained its level of advancement before it was forced into war within its own womb. It was a country of many nationalities and faiths. It is not remembered for bad history. If there had been minor internal problems, there was nothing new to magnify them to cause tattering the country to pieces. Many countries of the world including the “democracies” still having people not yet out of the Stone Age have problems they are ashamed to acknowledge. What destroyed that nation? There was no uproar of any sort in the country up until the recent past. The cause of the war among Yugoslavs had covered decades fuming within the politics of the initiator. The history of the country tells about the integrity of its citizens. Neither the “democracies” nor the “communists” were comfortable with Yugoslavia. The source of discomfort was disobedience to disgrace. Even if there had been minor, and normal discontent experienced like in any society, that could have had only been aggravated by powerful external interests to fragment the country into its provinces.

The mass media conglomerates don’t dare to tell the golden history of Yugoslavia. That telling would undermine the history of the command post at undoing a nation. It is all the same with what is going on throughout the world. Citizens fighting among themselves and destroying the economy and infrastructure, and displacing whole populations out of their countries, are themselves victims of “democracy”. The marathon race in the wars is read in the destruction of those nations. How many decades of effort will recover the dignity, and wealth decimated in the wars for “democracy?” No doubt, not a decade, and neither two nor three. There is no way one can imagine how long it takes to clear off the rabble of war and poverty, and erect all that is devastated with the instruments of destruction in the hands of “democracy”.

Among the local newspapers, we pick up on the road; we read opinions from some – old and young – from the political spectrum. They are tuned to “revolution”. Their political mental setup is rooted at the initial Ukrainian Orange Revolution-noise in and around 2005. For any average mind in world politics, it was easy to sense the consequences for the country.

Crafted by foreigners, financed by foreigners, propagated by foreigners, purely in the interest of foreigners, it was apparent the outcome would make the country a battleground of those foreign initiators of the trouble, as a matter of benefits to be drawn from the demise of the nation. Why should one country “create” for, finance, and lead a revolution in another country? That could happen only in the interest of the former. The western media went mad at telling the world that the Ukrainian Orange Revolution was the model for world-revolution. How the BBC took the stage to see that “revolution” victorious is an event of the decade.

There is hardly anything to learn about their policies in their political program, if they have any program worth airing to the people. They don’t say anything good about the future of their country, and the policies they think would help its attainment. What policies will guide the agriculture, industry and commerce to take their country up to their “vision” is never a subject to tell. What they have in their program about foreign policy of the country if they win on the political platform is no where visible. There is nothing that can attract the citizenry on peace and security of the nation. They waste their time cursing the party in power. That contributes nothing to becoming a mature, potentially visible politician in the eyes of citizens. It just exposes personal limitations to one’s claims, when it comes to the individual. As to a political organization draining it resources hunting for weaknesses of the incumbent governing body, it is a glaring deficiency that keeps it off the hub of major national and international issues.

The “revolutionary” Arabs with all their sincerity to “justice” were blasted off board by an initiator for a different end that was not, and still is not theirs. Their missions for justice, if that had been the case, were changed to devastating all the national wealth accumulated through centuries. They have limitlessly cooperated to undo their long history. This is not to say that they should have submitted to injustice, poverty, and disparity in the life of citizens but struggle it independent of the master manipulating their objections to the order of things in their countries. If they can review the distance they have covered so far, their citizens left with no food, shelter and all they had been accustomed to in peace, and that as consequence of their agenda slipping to alien hands, they must be witnesses of their own folly.

Weapons of destruction are no more like those of the past. Coup d’état: There is an unprecedented open participation by the designers of the plot. They are many – governments and their media moguls, “non-governmental” human rights saints, and where there is a need the armed forces led by “nonmilitary” experts.

Not all are always needed. Coup d’état was tested, in its ugliest form, for reliability, by Ana Gomez – of the European Union – in the 2005 Ethiopian elections. It is now more than that – unprecedently and the instruments have become sharper and much more efficient in time, and effective at undoing political, economic and social institutions, and relations. That is why so many countries and societies, unusually, at war within themselves, with no good future noticeable to their citizens, are in the dark. Their fate is in absolute terms in the hands of others. What percentage of the ideas deciding their present and future is their own is apparent from the depth and expanse of their suffering. That they are absolutely in the service of other political and economic forces is discernible from their words and facial expressions, even in their encounter with the media – loss of confidence. They wait for others for certainty and mode of expression.

That is what the initiator expects from foul play – politically, and economically. The ideas and actions you once thought are in your in hands are no more there. And neither would they be in the hands of the initiator with a different set of benefits to draw.

You should neither dream nor think to benefit from your foul play in your country’s politics. That will only terminate your political life for good.

Leaders of political organizations must question themselves whether they have developed up to the level of leadership capacity, genuineness, openness, and earnestness to participate peacefully on the political platform and accept gracefully what the ballot box decides. Otherwise, you will hang yourselves, unnecessarily, on the decision of others as to what you should do, how and when with your country. And you know why anyone, other than the electorate, takes the initiative to put you on the pedestal of leadership of your country, NO MATTER HOW. In some form or another, at some level or another, strategic or tactical, you will be expected to reward the initiator, and sacrifice your right to independently decide and administer your country.

Mind you. We have no national resources to waste for any days of foul play.


Asteway Beyene

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