Somaliland to extradite alleged OLF, ONLF operatives to Ethiopia

Somaliland is to extradite hundreds of Ethiopians, unofficial reports indicated. Somaliland is a breakaway northern.

Wikileaks | Attempts to reconcile OLF with the Ethiopia

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated Nov. 2008 and classified as ‘Confidential’,.

[Excerpts] UN report confirms Eritrea-ONLF-Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union link

Highlight: In 2006, following the seizure of Mogadishu by the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC),.

Text of UN report on Eritrea’s plot to bomb AU summit

Highlight: “Te’ame opened his laptop and showed me a video about how Iraqi insurgents have.

David Shinn: Ethiopians ain’t Raged enough to Revolt

Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia David H. Shinn claimed the revolts in Northern African and.

Photo - Ambassador Yamamato
Ethiopia’s ‘eccentric, elusive’ Spy Chief with US Ambassador | Leaked US Embassy Cable

The whistle blowers’ website wiki-leaks published another leaked Cable of the US Embassy in Addis.

The Making of Post-election Crisis in Ethiopia

Premising on the widely held view that the election is a lost battle for the opposition, not a few political commentators contend a post-election crisis is unlikely. Is that really, though? Is the likelihood of post-election crisis is contingent on how the opposition fare at the polls? A look at the previous elections and the makeup of the political landscape, reveals not only the likelihood of a crisis, but also the formula.