Photo - Negasso Gidada, former president of Ethiopia
Negaso confirms Bertukan Mideksa resignation & abstention from ‘Political activities’

Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJP, a.k.a. Andinet) confirmed Bertukan Mideksa resigned from her.

Ethiopia’s web filtering | Beyond the cycle of condemnation and denial

Last March, on the bi-monthly press conference, when the BBC journalist asked Premier Meles Zenawi,.

Andinet(UDJ) wishes you Happy New Year | የአንድነት ፓርቲ ‘የአዲስ ዓመት’ መግለጫ

አንድነት ፓርቲ ከትላንት በስቲያ (አርብ) የፈረንጆቹን አዲስ ዓመት በማስመልከት መግለጫ አውጥቷል፡፡ መግለጫው ከአዲስ ዓመት መልካም.

Andinet/MEDREK, Ginbot 7 allied to disrupt EDP’s London meeting, says Lidetu Ayalew

The President of Ethiopian Democratic Party, Lidetu Ayalew, disclosed the perpetuators of the attempt to.

EU Observers Validate Ethiopian Election with Moderate Recommendations

[Use the link at the bottom to download the full report in English or Amharic]

EU Observers released their final report on Ethiopian election on Monday. Given the moderateness of the report, it is puzzling why the Ethiopian government refused to host the press conference to release the report, which was held in Brussels rather than in Addis Ababa.

Photo - Birtukan Mideksa meeting family, friends
Birtukan Mideksa Speaks to the Media

There were claims that Birtukan Mideksa spent a dreadful time in prison. Such claims had.

Birtukan Mideksa Petition for Pardon and Interview Video

We reported earlier that the Ethiopian government accepted Birtukan Mideksa’s petition and granted her pardon.

The Blundering State Dept Report(Betting on Birtukan Mideksa–III)

Arguably, the USDS report proved its clout, albeit, in a baffling manner. It would be.

UDJ’s Media Circus (Betting on Birtukan Mideksa – II)

Birtukan Mideksa’s party, UDJ (aka ANDINET), made headlines, when its leaders surprised everyone by turning.

Betting on Birtukan Mideksa-I

Justified you are to show ‘news fatigue’ or ‘reading-fatigue’, on the Birtukan Mideksa agenda. You.