Ethiopian group threatens to retaliate as Yemen detains its leader

Second-in-command of the Ethiopian terrorist group, Ginbot 7, is in detention in Yemen. The group.

Berhanu Nega - Chairman of Ginbot 7 party
Leaked audio| Eritrea funds ESAT and Ginbot 7

(Daniel Berhane) [Updated on the 2nd paragraph with the source of the leaked audio.] A.

Ethiopia | Ginbot 7 using the oldest trick in the book

” After the funds were collected several Easters have come and gone with Dr Birhanu and his friends still roaring from the mountains of US and Europe. As the empty promises of overthrowing the Ethiopian government within six months didn’t materialize Ginbot 7 leaders were facing mounting questions about their operations. Then this month came the announcement that they have formed a Ginbot 7 army. “

Ethiopia: Artist detained, others charged with terrorism

The Federal Police and National Intelligence and Security Service Joint Taskforce disclosed on Thursday that.

Wikileaks: Berhanu Nega pondered on 1000 dead/day in 2005

A leaked US Embassy Cable of Sept. 2005, classified as ‘Confidential’, shows opposition leader Berhanu.

[Excerpts] UN report confirms Eritrea-ONLF-Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union link

Highlight: In 2006, following the seizure of Mogadishu by the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC),.

Reality-check: Renaissance dam a fraud? | Ethiopia

There is no explicit reference to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam  in the 5-year Growth.