Oldest bio of an African woman, Ethiopia’s Walatta Petros

(Alison Flood – The Guardian) Ethiopian noblewoman Walatta Petros left her husband to stop the.

Gay asylum claims: top EU court bans detailed sexual questions

(Jared Reed) The European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday on the verification of sexual.

What next for Uganda’s anti-gay law?

It led to increased repression, drew international condemnation and prompted foreign donors to suspend millions.

Uganda’s Court annuls anti-gay legislation

Uganda’s Constitutional Court has annulled tough anti-gay legislation signed into law in February. It ruled.

Ethiopia returns to her senses on the Gay issue

The last two months have seen an escalation of anti-gay rhetoric in the Ethiopian media..

Ethiopian anti-gay rally cancelled – Associated Press

(Elias Meseret) Officials say that plans for an anti-gay rally in Ethiopia’s capital have been.

Ethiopia’s Anti-Gay rally scheduled for April 26

Addis Ababa City Administration gave a nod to the anti-Gay rally jointly planned by a.

Ethiopia plans anti-Gay mass training

Municipality officers to provide awareness creation training on “the dangers posed against children due to.

African Gays: Casualties of a power struggle

(By Richard Dowden) Uganda’s war over homosexuality threatens to spread to other African countries and.

Ethiopia: Anti-Gay rally to be held by EPRDF affiliate Youth group

A youth group – affiliated to the ruling party, EPRDF – have joined forces with.