Ethiopian troops surrounded S. Sudanese child abductors: Official

Ethiopian troops identified and surrounded the areas where South Sudanese gunmen are keeping the abducted.

Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years – UN OCHA

UN OCHA – Press relrease Oct. 26, 2015 Key Issues In Ethiopia, El Niño causes.

Ethiopia, Somalia among highly vulnerable to an Ebola-style epidemic | Save the Children

Almost 30 countries are highly vulnerable to an Ebola-style epidemic jeopardising the future of millions.

The tragic fate of Ethiopian Adoptees

Have we ever wondered what the fate of adopted infants and children will be other.

Ethio-American: ‘Adoption didn’t save me rather stole Ethiopia from me’

(Tarikuwa Lemma) In 2006, less than a year after my sisters and I were brought.

US couple won’t serve jail time for abusing Ethiopian adoptees

The two Americans who had been charged with the abuse of two adopted Ethiopian children.

Kenya: How a Facebook group in is shaming deadbeat parents

(Rick Noack) There are selfish, negligent parents all over the world. In Kenya, however, a.

Briefing: South Sudan heads towards famine

(IRIN) More than a third of South Sudan’s population is at risk of severe food.

UNICEF: Ethiopia reduced child mortality rate by 40 pc

Ethiopia has reduced its child mortality rate by 40 percent over the last two decades..

Education | A few points about plasma TV programs

The main objective of plasma education is promoting quality education thereby producing efficient, effective and.