It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian government expelled two Arabs alleging they tried to incite violence, as reported in this blog citing the Associated Press on Saturday.

The name of the expelled Arabs and their alleged misconducts are indicated in a report, dated Saturday May 5, by the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA). It reads:

Ethiopia has kicked out two foreign nationals coming from Middle East after the arrest on Saturday of instigating and disseminating papers illegally at the Grand Anwar Mosque here in the capital.

The two foreigners, Arefa Abdulkerim and Beika Ali Ibrahim Ferhani entered into Ethiopia on Friday and directly went to the Grand Mosque for their intended purpose.

The Addis Ababa Police said the two foreigners caught red-handed while instigating and disseminating paper illegally among the Muslim community who were praying at the mosque.

It was noted that government had disclosed that foreigners have been involved in recent chaos and violence in mosques under the disguise of religion.

[Note that: Though this news item is dated May 5, ENA’s website has been inaccessible from Saturday until today.]


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Daniel Berhane

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