Junedine Sado prevented from boarding a flight | ION reports

* Troubles are mounting for the civil service minister and leader of the OPDO, Junedin Sado.Junedine Sado

The civil service minister Junedin Sado, a longstanding member of the executive of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) and of the EPRDF (ruling coalition, of which the OPDO is a member) executive, has fallen into disgrace. Two weeks ago, he was suspended from his seat on the OPDO executive committee, something which should lead to his replacement on the EPRDF executive committee. According to our sources, he has also been banned from leaving the country by the Ethiopian security services after he informed his deputy minister that he was to go to Thailand for a medical examination. The security agents prevented him from boarding his flight and he is in risk of being arrested at any moment. The same goes for his wife, Habiba Mohammed, who was imprisoned in July for supporting Muslim anti-government demonstrations. She was accused of using these protests for political ends. This is the reason behind the condemnation of the couple by the EPRDF leaders.


Source: Indian Ocean Newsletter – Oct. 20, 2012. Originally titled “Junedin Sado in a fine mess”.

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Note: In actuality, Junedine was not a member of the Executive Committees of EPRDF and OPDO, rather of the Councils of the two parties.

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