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Why ESAT and Messay Mekonen called for genocide on the people of Tigray?

(Affirmative Article: A voice to the voiceless people from the Organization of Tigrian’s Network for.

Cartoon - depicts insincere relation of separatist OLF and anti-federalism forces
Ethiopia: An ad hoc Coalition of Adversaries!

Many political parties/organizations or groups around the world, including in Ethiopia, find coalitions to be.

Map - Tigray region and North Gondar, Amhara region
Tigray’s problem is “sikifta” not narrow nationalism

(Gebremedhin Gebru) There is no visible sentiment of narrow nationalism among the people of Tigrai;.

Map - Tigray region and North Gondar, Amhara region
The Legality Of The Wolqait Question: Issues To Worry About

(Zeray W/Senbet) [Clink on the table of contents to jump to specific section] 1. Preliminaries.

Image - A keyboard depicting hate speech
Ethiopia’s Growing Challenge of Hate speech

(Tesfai Hailu) “Hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is.

Photo - Axum University awarded Sebhat Nega Honorary Doctorate
Aksum University honors Sebhat Nega

Aksum University awarded Sebhat Nega an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership and Politics. Sibhat Nega.

Map - Nationalities in northern Ethiopia [published by Derg regime]
VOA Spending American Tax Dollars in Fomenting Unrest in Ethiopia

The past two months were high time for Anti-Ethiopian groups. The El Nino drought and.

Exclusive| Abay Tsehaye: Oromos know who robbed, maltreated them

Ethnic baiting targeting TPLF and Tigrayans in connection with the protests in Oromia is a.

AfDB approves loan for Adama, Adwa, Bichena and Gode water projects

(AfDB) The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) on Wednesday, January.

Ethiopia| TPLF: 11 Points to Address During its Upcoming Congress

(Shishay Amare Gebremeskel) Since the beginning of the armed struggle of the people of Tigrai.