Photo - Ethiopia's Tigray region
Press Statement on the condition of mob violence against Tigrayans and other Ethiopian citizens

The Global Society of Tigrean Scholars (GSTS) vehemently condemns the ongoing mob violence targeting innocent.

Photo - Ethiopia's Tigray region
​Land Grabbing Cases in Mekelle & Wukro

(Haile Tessema) Residents of Mekelle and visitors to the regional capital would be familiar with.

Logo - Arena Tigray party
Arena Tigray party should lead or get out of the way

(Haile Tessema) In a democracy, the opposition party has a very significant role to play.

The adverse impacts of hyper urbanization & industrialization on Mekelle & its environs

(Tesfai Hailu) As the biblical wise man put it centuries ago, “Where there is no.

Photo - Panning for gold in Arakwa river, Tigray, Ethiopia
New gold mines in Shire, Wollega, TuluKapi, as illicit trade rises

 (Kaleyesus Bekele – The Reporter) Three foreign and local mining firms are developing large scale.

Photo - Ethiopia's Tigray region
Ethiopia’s Tigray region earns Gold in UN-backed award for conservation

Ethiopia’s Tigray region won Gold in the 2017 Future Policy Award for world’s best policies.

Image - Future Policy Award 2017
Ethiopia’s Tigray region nominated for an award for tackling land degradation

The 2017 Future Policy Award has released a shortlist of the world’s best policies for.

Photo - Abandoned sites on Mekelle-Woldya/Hara Gebeya railway project
Ethiopia: Mekelle-Woldya railway project at a Standstill

The Mekelle-Woldya railway project has been mostly suspended and laid off its workers, according to.

Photo - West Tigrai, Ethiopia and Eritrea
The Agazian Movement: Exhuming a Corpse?

(Tesfay Nigus) Recent exchanges on [social] media among self-claimed propagators of the so called ‘Agazian’.

Image - Cover page of Infantry magazine of the U.S. Army Infantry School at Fort Benning
Battle of Adwa – Tigrayan Army uses Envelopment, Frontal Attack to Annihilate Italian Forces

(Infantry magazine – U.S. Army Infantry School) On 1 March 1896, in the vicinity of.