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UNDP| Ethiopia – the 3rd top mover in Human Development Index

UNDP office in Ethiopia – Press Release: Human Development Report 2013 Puts Ethiopia as Third.

Nile | Campaign on Ethiopia's dam: Old wine, new bottles

Various media outlets have released negative reports concerning the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance.

Kenya: 1.2 mln dead people "voted" in Presidential polls

National elections were held in Kenya on March 4th putting into place a new biometric.

Ethiopian Herald Op-Ed tells Saudi Prince what "everyone with half a brain knows"

“The argument “because the dam is being built near Sudan” wouldn’t hold water unless you.

Saudi Gazette | Do not encourage Ethiopia-phobia

(By: Mahmoud Ahmed) The recent phenomenon of Ethiopia bashing in our country’s media is turning.

Ethiopia to Sue Saudi Media for Defaming Citizens

The Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia is considering suing individuals and the media for defaming.

The salutary lesson and significance of the spirit of Adwa Victory

(By: Samuel Addis) The 117th anniversary of Ethiopia’s victory over Italy at Adwa was celebrated.

First women-initiated bank launched in Ethiopia

Enat Bank, the first women’s bank in Ethiopia, was launched on Tuesday in Addis Ababa,.

Counter Extremism with Freedom in Ethiopia (Zuhdi Jasser)

From Somalian anarchy to Eritrean and Sudanese tyranny and civil strife, the Horn of Africa.

Education | A few points about plasma TV programs

The main objective of plasma education is promoting quality education thereby producing efficient, effective and.