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Ethiopia, Netherlands signed MOU "on formalizing dialogue"

Ambassador Berhane Gebrechristos, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Bob Hiensch, Ambassador- at-Large for the.

Saudi Prince Khaled bin Sultan
Nile: Saudi renounces remarks against Ethiopia's dam

Senior Saudi Arabia officials distanced themselves from the hostile remarks made by Prince Khaled bin.

Mohamed Morsi speaks at the al-Nour mosque Khartoum on Friday. Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi said during his first visit to Sudan that cooperation between the Islamist regimes in Cairo and Khartoum
Morsi: there are enemies for Egypt, Sudan integration

Egyptian President Morsi conducted a 24 hour visit. His visit included an appearance at Al-Noor mosque.

Ethiopia: Intelligence agency foils Al-Shabaab's terror plot

Ethiopia’s intelligence agency, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), today (March 26th confirmed it.

Ethiopia: State Bank claims to have “sufficient foreign currency”

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) announced on Wednesday (March 27th) that the foreign currency.

Vilifying Ethiopia's Villagization program: More unsubstantiated claims

Ethiopia’s villagization program has become a favorite subject for politically motivated critiques by advocacy organizations.

Nile: South Sudan and regional consensus on the Nile waters

“South Sudan does not recognize, and I underline does not recognize, the content of the.

South Africa – Ethiopia Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting

The third meeting of the South Africa- Ethiopia Joint Ministerial Commission was held in Durban.

Donors' consortium praises Ethiopian poverty reduction efforts

The Co-Chair of the Donors’ Assistance Group (DAG), a consortium of donors, Geert Geut, told.

Wealth disparity relatively low in Ethiopia, UNDP official

Ethiopia is the 3rd fastest mover of human development, “an enviable position in the World”; it.