Meles Zenawi Foundation established – Azeb Mesfin Board Chair

The Meles Zenawi Foundation was established at a launching ceremony held on April 7th at.

Qatar's Emir visits Ethiopia

Following the conclusion of the bilateral talks between the Emir and Prime Minister Hailemariam a.

Ethiopia, Netherlands signed MOU "on formalizing dialogue"

Ambassador Berhane Gebrechristos, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Bob Hiensch, Ambassador- at-Large for the.

Saudi Prince Khaled bin Sultan
Nile: Saudi renounces remarks against Ethiopia's dam

Senior Saudi Arabia officials distanced themselves from the hostile remarks made by Prince Khaled bin.

[Full list] EPRDF's Council – Who's in, who's out | Metekakat review

Here-under, in the first table, I will simply list the current 180 members of the EPRDF Council as well as changes their membership status.
The second table presents the list of those who left the EPRDF Council last month.

Mohamed Morsi speaks at the al-Nour mosque Khartoum on Friday. Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi said during his first visit to Sudan that cooperation between the Islamist regimes in Cairo and Khartoum
Morsi: there are enemies for Egypt, Sudan integration

Egyptian President Morsi conducted a 24 hour visit. His visit included an appearance at Al-Noor mosque.

EPRDF - leadership & election structure as of Year 2013
EPRDF’s Executive – Who is in, who is out | Metekakat review

The ruling party EPRDF saw another major change in its leadership last month with the.

Ethiopia | Allegation of FinSpy malware smells fishy

Last week, media outlets, citing a briefing published by CitizenLab – an interdisciplinary laboratory based at the.

Vilifying Ethiopia's Villagization program: More unsubstantiated claims

Ethiopia’s villagization program has become a favorite subject for politically motivated critiques by advocacy organizations.

Nile: South Sudan and regional consensus on the Nile waters

“South Sudan does not recognize, and I underline does not recognize, the content of the.