Helicopter - Eritrean torture method
Eritrea’s 15 favorite methods of torture (+ pictures)

A United Nations report listed about 15 different methods of torture applied by the Eritrean.

Why the Economist wants to meddle in Ethiopian domestic politics

(E. Dawud) The Economist, with more than its 2 million weekly subscribers, is one of.

Ethiopia election: No noise, No blood, Blame the result now (Getachew Reda)

(Getachew Reda, State Minister – Special aid to the Prime Minister and MP-elect from Alamata.

In repressive Ethiopia, ‘Blue Party’ struggles to offer a choice

(By William Davison) Ethiopia is a definite success story in expert opinion about post-cold war.

Kenyan view: On ‘belligerent noises’ from Egypt, Ethiopia

(Charles Onyango-Obbo) Well, with a new government that is still taking shape, [Kenya] is understandably.

Ethiopia: Is our Perspective Limiting our National Potential?

(By: T. Y.) Like all nations in the world, we Ethiopians have had our fair.

Review| The Fate of Sudan: Origins, Consequences of a Flawed Peace Process

(Alex de Waal) Book: John Young, The Fate of Sudan: The Origins and Consequences of.

Ethiopian Herald warns EPRDF's "newly recruited cadres"

It could not have been correct if the combatants left us for newly recruited cadres that robbed the public on daylight. Please let us tell the newly recruited dictators please remember the quotation “the higher you jump the deeper you fall” that is a lesson from Juneydi.

Melaku Fanta - Director of Customs & Revenue Authority(Minister)
Ethiopia | Minister Melaku Fenta detained on corruption charges

(Daniel Berhane) Ethiopian police detained twelve individuals today, according to the press statement from the Federal Anti-Corruption.

Somalia Conference 2013: Communiqué
Somalia Conference 2013: Communiqué [United Kingdom]

May 7, 2013 The International Somalia Conference final communiqué. The Somalia Conference took place at Lancaster House.