Image - Kenya ethnic distribution map
Hate speech, ethnic tension ahead of Kenya’s 2017 elections

(Peter Alingo) As Kenya prepares for elections next year, the political die seems already cast..

Three lessons from the ICC’s Kenya debacle

(James A Goldston) The declaration of a mistrial in the Ruto-Sang at the International Criminal.

Why South Africa let Bashir get away Once again?

Once again, the ICC comes out as a toothless entity in the wrangling over African.

Expert Opinion: Eritrea officially joined the club of rogue states

President Isaias Afeworki’s regime is facing a new round of condemnations following a report from.

President Kenyatta’s trial: How to destroy the ICC from Within

(David Bosco) Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya, arrived at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Kenyatta ordered to attend International Criminal Court (ICC) trial

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have ordered Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to attend.

Kenya and the international court: Off the hook?

The two leading Kenyans facing prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague.

Kenyata's election-win in Ethiopian eyes

Last week saw the election of Dep. PM Uhuru Kenyatta as President of Kenya, the.

The new African international criminal court: Questions and Implications

The long-running spat between the African Union (AU) and International Criminal Court (ICC) over perceived.

A meeting of AU Ministers of Justices in Addis Ababa

A meeting of Ministers of Justice and Attorney Generals of AU Member States on Legal.