Ethiopia: Ideological Basis of Western Domination

(Nahusenay Belay) Any sort of political, economic, cultural or social action demands an underlining set.

Ethiopia | Ambo Protests – A Personal Account of two Americans

(Jen and Josh) Disclaimer:  We are no longer Peace Corps Volunteers, and the following is.

Ethiopia| Why Resist the Master Plan? A Constitutional Legal Exploration

(Tsegaye R. Ararssa) 1. Introduction When the Ethiopian government announced its readiness to implement its.

Coca Cola dumps Teddy Afro

(Tigist Geme) Just days before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, controversial Ethiopian.

Sixty Ethiopians, Somalians dead as boat sinks in the Red Sea

UN refugee agency on Friday said it had received confirmation that 62 people died when.

Dr. Costantinos at UN Security Council: The role of African Polities in IDPs saga

Testimony on the Plight of Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in Africa and the imperative to.

Ethiopia captures 25 copycats of the Nigerian Boko Haram

Ethiopia’s counter terrorism unit reported the capture of two terrorist cells, consisting twenty-five Al-Shabbaab trained.

Addis Ababa at night
Ethiopia captures Al-Shabaab operative sent to attack the Capital

Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism unit reported it has captured suspected AlShabaab operative. The suspect, who is referred.

Contradictory Explanations, as Tourism forum drops Nairobi moves to Addis Ababa

A major hotel investment conference, originally scheduled to take place in Nairobi, has been moved.

Ethiopia accused of jamming ArabSat – technology costs up to $50,000

The satellite operator, ArabSat (Arab Satellite Communication Organisation) claimed last week that “many TV channels.