Analysis: South Sudan conflict destabilizes Ethiopia’s regional strategy

(Harry Verhoeven) If the past century’s dominant image of Ethiopia was that of an impoverished,.

Ethiopia expelled Egyptian Journo on Suspicion of Espionage: Sources

Ethiopian officers caught an Egyptian citizen engaged in suspicious activity. Tensions are high between the.

EPRDF: Economic success is due to the firm hand of Meles Zenawi

(Zerihun Getachew) The May 28 victory has brought success in development and democracy in Ethiopia,.

Ethiopia: Tendaho Sugar to be inaugurated, Indians blamed for delay

Shiferaw Jarso, director general of Ethiopia’s Sugar Corporation, under a ministerial portfolio lamented the performance.

EU official: "Ethiopian army scares the hell out of everybody"

Editor note: The EU official made the remark at a conference organized by the European.

Interview| Dr. Costantinos explains Ethiopia’s first credit ratings

The three top agencies gave Ethiopia her first sovereign credit ratings, as per her application.

Beles sugar project: A visit to Meles Zenawi village, Resettled farmers

In western Ethiopia, about 576 km from Addis Ababa, lay a mega sugar project expected.

Review: Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization

Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization By John G. Jackson (1939) Reviewed by Fetsum Berhane.

All Kenyan mobile calls being spied on by the U.S.

Editor Note: “The Intercept” website reported, citing leaked documents, that American spy agency, NSA, secretly.

Somalia: Al-Shabab threatens to attack USA

(Associated Press) Making a rare threat against the United States, a senior member of Somalia’s.