5 yrs before 9/11: bin Laden linked attacks on Ethiopia

Ethiopia had been fighting a terrorist group linked to Osama bin Laden years before the.

US wants more sanction on ‘famine hit’ Eritrea

Highlights: United States is very much interested in additional pressure and sanctions….we think that that.

UN Tightens Sanctions Regime on Eritrea, Somalia [Text of Resolution 2002-2011]

The United Nations Security Council decided unanimously to tighten the Sanctions regime on Somalia and.

Eritrean Terrorism: Key personalities and facilities | UN Report

The United Nations had already sanction Eritrea for destabilizing the Horn of Africa region. Its.

[Excerpts] UN report confirms Eritrea-ONLF-Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union link

Highlight: In 2006, following the seizure of Mogadishu by the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC),.

UN report: Eritrea plotted to ‘make Addis Ababa like Baghdad’

UN confirmed Eritrea plotted to attack an African Union summit in Ethiopia in January and.

Text of UN report on Eritrea’s plot to bomb AU summit

Highlight: “Te’ame opened his laptop and showed me a video about how Iraqi insurgents have.

UN Security Council Resolution 1907-2009 | on Eritrea

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1907 Adopted by the Security Council at its 6254th meeting,.

Eritrea at the UN Security Council closed meeting

Highlights: Pres. Isiais Afeworki asked Ban Ki-moon for ‘three hours’ to make his case; ‘Eritrea.

IGAD calls for more sanctions on Eritrea [full text]

The Assembly of IGAD: Calls on the UN Security Council to take all appropriate measures.