Africa: Top 25 Military Spending Countries

This post presents two Top 25 lists of Military spenders in Africa. The first table.

Ethiopia to intensify support for Eritrean opposition groups [MFA statement full text]

After weeks of confusion on whether Ethiopia intend to invade Eritrea, the Ministry of Foreign.

PM Meles Zenawi with Jendayi Frazer on Kenya, Sudan, Somaliland, Eritrea | 7th leaked cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa

The whistleblowers’ site Wikileaks published a leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa. This is.

US, EU on Meles’s economics, Assab port and Election | leaked Cable of US Embassy Berlin

A recently leaked Cable of the US Embassy in Berlin, published by the whistleblowers’ website.

President Isaias Afwerki
Isaias Afeworki: “Forget Democracy, Economics is Simple, I’ve a Solution for Mid-east Conflict”

The Eriterian President Isaias Afeworki is known for his comical statements. To be entertained, however,.

ERITREA: The Siege State [ICG Report]

The Brussels based International Crisis Group(ICG) released analyses of the Eritrean State in its African.

MFA Skeptic on Eritrea, Djibouti Agreement

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MFA) called  the international community to be cautious on the significance.