Photo - Ethiopia's Tigray region
Press Statement on the condition of mob violence against Tigrayans and other Ethiopian citizens

The Global Society of Tigrean Scholars (GSTS) vehemently condemns the ongoing mob violence targeting innocent.

Photo - protest in Woliso city
Ethiopia: 10 people killed as protests rock Oromia

Protests stormed at least eight towns of Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia on Tuesday and Wednesday..

General Samora Yenus: Profile, Sudanese award, Expert comment

Sudanese President Al-Bashir honoured General Samora Yenus, the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National.

Image - Ethiopian flag clip art
Ethiopia Experiencing Ethnic Federalism: Could Inclusive Parliament and Policy Reforms Prevent Crisis?

(Amanuel T Muhzun) Introduction The situation in Ethiopia is now relatively stable. But it is.

Map - Eastern Ethiopia, Oromia and Somali regions
Oromia-Somali crisis: Dozens killed, thousands displaced

A major humanitarian and security crisis is unfolding in eastern parts of Ethiopia. Dozens have.

Leaked document: South Sudan infiltrates Ethiopia’s Gambella political system

(South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) South Sudanese government agents have penetrated Ethiopia’s Gambella region political system.

Logo - Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT)
ESAT Radio and Television: The Voice of Genocide

(Zeray Wolqait) Introductory Note Freedom of press and other mass media and freedom of artistic.

Photo - Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki, May 28, 2017
Isaias Afeworki is winning in the no-war no-peace stalemate

This article attempts to analyze a post Isaias Afeworki’s Eritrea and about the revenge-oriented policy.

Somaliland and Somalia: The root cause of contemporary deadlock

(Ahmed Ibrahim Farah (Doodi) Brief history of Somalia after 1991 Many years have passed to.

Photo - US Navy SEAL
U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Somalia raid

(Phil Stewart and Abdi Sheikh – Reuters) A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed and two.