Map - Sudan and South Sudan 1956 border
US ends economic embargo on Sudan

(Josh Lederman and Matthew Lee – Associated Press) The Obama administration announced Friday the end.

Map - Somaliland and the horn of Africa
The Military Base put Somaliland in Jeopardy

(Kudos Nahur – Berbera, Somaliland) The potential UAE military base in Berbera has seen controversy.

Photo - Berbera Port in Somaliland
Arabs dirty game in Somaliland once again

(Kudos Nahur – Hargeysa, Somaliland) Somaliland’s delegation has been in United Arab Emirates (UAE) negotiating with.

Photo - President Isaias Afeworki June 2015
Isaias Afeworki shooting to all directions – To achieve what?

This piece of article is to examine the hostile foreign policy of Eritrea, under President.

Map - Red Sea coastal nations
The Arabs’ military incursion in the Horn: what does it mean for Ethiopia?

Introduction It should not be confusing within the Arab politics that seeing them competing or.

Photo - Ethiopian Somali women with Ethiopian federal flag
Ethiopia: The Cry is Bigger than for A Dead Billy Goat!

(Mohamed Olad) I was watching a recent viral video clip in which Abdi Mohamud Omar,.

Map - Ethiopia Egypt Nile river
Egypt’s destructive policy: The response of the Horn of Africa

Unlike in the past, Egyptian hidden agenda to keep the horn of Africa in crisis.

Photo - Ethiopia Federal Police
Ethiopia: Directive for the Execution of the State of Emergency[full text]

A Directive issued on Saturday detailed the restrictions imposed as per the State of Emergency..

Map - Ethiopia regional map
Deliberately Induced Political Chaos to Destabilize Ethiopia

(Ahmed Deeq Hussein) Ethiopian peoples, nations, and nationalities have been enjoying stable, peaceful, and co-existence.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn
Ethiopia: State of Emergency grants PM sweeping powers

Ethiopian government decreed a state of emergency on Sunday. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced the.