Egyptian Columnist: "the Prime Minister drowned us in Nile crisis"

(Abdel Latif el-Menawy) Three years ago I warned of the water crisis and the Renaissance.

Generational shift may shake-up Ethiopian politics after Meles Zenawi (Terrence Lyons)

Here is a short piece by Terrence Lyons about the potential impact of Metekakat. Of course,.

Meles Zenawi Foundation established – Azeb Mesfin Board Chair

The Meles Zenawi Foundation was established at a launching ceremony held on April 7th at.

EPRDF Congress| Undermined by fuzzy Metekakat plan

The Late Prime Minster Meles Zenawi was both present and absent at the two-yearly Congress.

Chavez Vs Meles: A Tale of Two Leftists

In the days following the passing of Meles Zenawi, senior EPRDF officials stood firm in.

Ethiopia's ruling party| Transition plus Confusion

Since the passing of the late PM Meles Zenawi, I coined a phrase to describe.

Is Meles’ developmentalism winning in Ethiopia?

The active politician is a creator, an initiator; but he neither creates from nothing nor.

Ruling Ethiopia: Long live the king | The Economist

Ethiopia’s new leadership is practising hero-worship DURING his two decades running Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi almost.

Ethiopia | Hailemariam Not Like Meles

Highlight:- "Hailemariam might like to expand his power with time, but there is no sufficient.

Special Edition | Post-Meles Zenawi 2012

Special edition| Post-Meles 2012 Collection of exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and news digests covering the.