Special edition| Post-Meles 2012

Collection of exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and news digests covering the four moths after Meles.

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PM Hailemariam’s first 100 days 


"In this digest,  a summary of outstanding developments of economic interest since late August is presented…"
Post-Meles: Economic Digest (Guesh)
"Meles Zenawi, the intellectual leader of Ethiopia, criticized more than his fair share alive was celebrated after his death…"

Reactions to Meles’ passing (Fetsum)

Top 15 highlights of year 2012 (Daniel)


"Of course, Meles didn’t believe in “bedtime stories, contrived arguments linking economic growth with democracy”. Both historical evidences and development theories prove him right."
In Defense Of Meles Zenawi (Merkeb)


"ኣርበኛው ኣበበ “ንግግር በማደርግበት ሰኣት የFBI ሰዎች እየጠበቁኝ  ነበር  ብሎናል” :: ወይኔ ወጌሻው !  “የት ይደርሳል የተባለ ሙክት ቄራ ተገኘ” ኣሉ ኣባ ዱካው፡፡ ስንት ተዋግቶ ያዋጋናል ብለን “የኣመቱ ምርጥ ሰው” ኣድርገን የሾምነው “ኣርበኛችን” ለካ በኣሜሪካን ኣገር እየኖረ ‘ህወሓቶች ዛሬ ገደሉኝ ነገ ገደሉኝ’ በሚል ጭንቀት ውስጥ ነው ያለው፡፡" 

*የዲያስፖራ “ኣርበኞች”[Amharic] (ጆሲ)

"A couple of months later came a hint as to who their backer was, when one of their leader was seen roaming the streets of Asmara. Ginbot 7 had decided their best bet for removing EPRDF from power was to start an alliance with the neighborhood bully. The unholy alliance with an archenemy of Ethiopia angered many, including some of Ginbot 7’s ardent supporters who fancied themselves marching down street of Addis with Ginbot 7 leaders.."

*Ginbot-7 using the oldest trick in the book (Mahi)


"In the Ethiopian bureaucracy, as we know it, the best a complainant can hope from an administrative appeal is a benevolent superior officer who reverses the unjust decision while reminding her it was avoidable if she had "behaved"."

*Administrative Injustice is Here to Stay (Daniel)


"Your hypothesis is just a hypothesis – in fact, an outrageous one.Apparently, you are one of those people who consider the ONLF to have some kind of military presence in the Somali region [of Ethiopia]. It doesn’t.

[It presupposes] the ONLF was so potent militarily that it could  even threaten the transition. Even Admiral Osman would not go that far."

*Interview with Getachew Reda (Press & Publicity State Minister at PM Office)

*Ethio-Egypt: A War on Nile Improbable, for now (Daniel)

*የመለስ እረፍትና የኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ (ጆሲ)

*Ali Abdu’s absence & Asmara’s silence (Merkeb)

*The Junedine Sado Episode (Daniel)

"When the rumors were rampant about his illness and wild speculations of his death, I have told people that if PM Meles were dead Ethiopians from North to South and from East to West would mobilize and grieve for days. And that is exactly what happened."

*Interview with a diaspora activist, Mekonen Kassa

"There is a dizzyingly worrisome glorification at national level of the late PM Meles for unfortunate reasons that are purely to do with an absolute urge of political justification than his actual and untimely departure from the picture."

*Interview with Editor-in-Chief Tsedale Lemma

"I appreciate Alula’s help to Weldemichael at Dogali to prevent us from the colonialists. On the other hand, at lowland of Eritrea he committed war crime his soldiers burned villages, raped women and executed many. He is considered by a lowlanders Eritreans as one of those who committed genocide in Eritrea."

*Interview with an Eritrean opposition activist

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Daniel Berhane

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