Researcher: Hate, dangerous speech low among Ethiopian facebook users

Ethiopians’ discussion on facebook is much more nuanced than perceived to be, according to a.

Jawar Mohammed: ‘The scary image of Agazi needs to be reexamined’

Characterizing the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) as “Tigrean army” is a commonplace among the.

Eritrea: An Offline State Thriving Online

(Tesfay Nigus Ayenew) A little nation, as young as my nephew and as isolated as.

Woliso, A day at a hotspot of Oromo Protests

Just 120 Km drive from Addis Ababa, there is Woliso town, South West Shewa zone.

Ethiopia: Death toll rises to 5 as protests in Oromia mark third week

Series of protests that engulfed Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia for a third full week left.

It is hoax: Facebook not charging any monthly fees

Facebook will not charge $2.99 per month from November 1 as claimed by an article.

Kenya to mobilize 200 social media users to salvage tourism sector

(Niyi Aderibigbe) Kenya has turned to social media to save its ailing tourism industry, with.

Kenya: How a Facebook group in is shaming deadbeat parents

(Rick Noack) There are selfish, negligent parents all over the world. In Kenya, however, a.

Ethiopian extremists’ facebook posts’d be depressing you – Insights from a new research

Last month, the international media was buzz with a controversial research conducted on facebook. The.

Ethiopia: New Media, Democratization and ‘Going with the Grain’

(Befekadu Wolde Gabriel) Did the democratization process came to a halt in Ethiopia? How to.