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Fake news on Facebook media and its remedy

Rapid development in social networking technologies over the last four decades has transformed the way.

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Text of Ethiopia’s draft Computer Crime proclamation

Proclamation   No. ……/2016 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE COMPUTER CRIME WHEREAS information and communication technology.

Researcher: Hate, dangerous speech low among Ethiopian facebook users

Ethiopians’ discussion on facebook is much more nuanced than perceived to be, according to a.

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Ethiopia to charge Viber users, register phone apparatus

(Capital newspaper) Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications free of charge may no longer.

SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable system lands in Djibouti

Today, Djibouti Telecom completed the landing of the SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable system in Haramous, achieving.

Ethiopian Semere Tadesse & co. "make sound loud enough to bend light" at University of Minnesota

Press releaseUniversity of Minnesota, November 26, 2014. During a thunderstorm, we all know that it.

Photo -Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets - Ethiopia
Ethiopia to buy 18 Su-30 fighter jets |Vietnamese media

Eighteen Su-30K fighter jets that India returned to Russia, probably will not be sold to.

Ethiopia’s web filtering | Beyond the cycle of condemnation and denial

Last March, on the bi-monthly press conference, when the BBC journalist asked Premier Meles Zenawi,.

Ethiopia’s web filtering | Advanced technology, hypocritical criticisms, bleeding constitution

Thus far, Ethiopia’s internet filtering had been characterized by technical limitations and hesitance. That is.