US, EU on Meles’s economics, Assab port and Election | leaked Cable of US Embassy Berlin

A recently leaked Cable of the US Embassy in Berlin, published by the whistleblowers’ website.

Freedom House | Ethiopia is not a liberal democracy – Duh!

Freedom House published its annual survey of ‘freedom’ and ‘electoral democracy’ this month. The report,.

Ethiopian Gov’t: EU Report shaped by Human Right Watch Bully [Full text]

The Ethiopian government disparaged the EU Observers final report on Tuesday. The press statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the report ‘as flawed as the preliminary statement issued by the Mission at the close of the elections in Ethiopia on 25 May 2010.’

EU Observers Validate Ethiopian Election with Moderate Recommendations

[Use the link at the bottom to download the full report in English or Amharic]

EU Observers released their final report on Ethiopian election on Monday. Given the moderateness of the report, it is puzzling why the Ethiopian government refused to host the press conference to release the report, which was held in Brussels rather than in Addis Ababa.