Brief: Ethiopian police briefly held UDJ/Andinet party officials

(Daniel Berhane) At-least seven senior officials of UDJ/Andinet, one of the main opposition parties, were in police.

EPRDF Congress| Undermined by fuzzy Metekakat plan

The Late Prime Minster Meles Zenawi was both present and absent at the two-yearly Congress.

Bereket Simon A Tale of Two Elections
A look at Bereket Simon’s book: A Tale of Two Elections

(Daniel Berhane) Title: A Tale of Two Elections: A national journey that averted calamity Page:.

VOA succumbs to Ethiopian pressure

Voice of America (VOA) suspended its Horn of Africa Chief, David Abnor. His suspension is.

‘Shut up and Consume’ – EPRDF’s dangerous gamble

Last January, a week or two after the announcement of the price ceilings on a.