Analysis: The case of Eritrea’s missing President |

All of us fans of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle know of that moment.

Ethiopia: Four died after Jihadists stormed a Police station

An attack by Jihadists on a police station resulted in the death of four people.

Somalia: Ethiopian military to foot its bill, again

The African Union Commission decided to increase the ceiling of AMISOM [African Union Mission to.

Azania: the true objective of Kenya in Somalia

As the conflict between Kenya and the Somali militia Al Shabab continues, it seems that.

General Abizaid: don’t rush into conflict | Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

A Leaked US Embassy Cable reveals that Pres. George Bush’s favorite General cautioned PM Meles.

Senator inquires Ethiopian motive, military capacity | Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

Leaked Cables of US Embassy Addis Ababa refutes the recurrent claim regarding the December 24,.

Meles Zenawi asked US for Intel | Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

Despite the repeated media claims that Ethiopia went to Somalia ‘to do America’s dirty job’,.

PM wary of US condemnation; UK stopped Uganda? |Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

The Ethiopian Prime Minister was wary of a possible US condemnation about two month before.

US – Ethiopia meetings on the eve of Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

It is fashionable for detractors of Ethiopia to claim that ‘Zenawi invaded Somalia at the.

Ethiopian thinker: On the future of Humanity and Global economy

‘In the short run, i.e. in a time frame of a decade or two, the.