Reality-check: Renaissance dam a fraud? | Ethiopia

There is no explicit reference to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam  in the 5-year Growth.

Map - Nationalities in northern Ethiopia [published by Derg regime]
Reality-check: Tigray annexed Amhara lands?

You must have heard the allegation that ‘Tigray annexed Amhara lands’. That is mainly in reference.

Ethiopia can’t do without Nile | Here is why

”Ethiopia has many rivers and high rainfall, thus should not interfere with Egypt‘s lone source.

Reality-check: ‘Charging Egypt for water’ – An Ethiopian idea?

Have you ever heard the idea of setting a counter on Blue Nile and charging.

Arch Dam upstream view of Tekeze Hydropower Plant [Photo from]
Reality Check: The Prudence of Tekeze Hydropower Plant | Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s ‘Tekeze Hydropower Project’ had been awarded as best project of 2010 by POWER-GEN International..

Reality Check: Top Recipients of US, UK aid in sub-saharan Africa

“Many people think that Ethiopia’s development endeavours are mostly financed by Donors.” ”However, Ethiopia receives.

Reality Check | Anyone can be elected President of Ethiopia

It is depressing to see, year after year, the Ethiopian private media perpetuating a mistaken.