Press Statement by the Joint Anti-terrorism Task-force of the National Intelligence and Security Service and the Federal Police

(Sept. 13, 2015)

Following the organized operation carried out covertly by the National Intelligence and Security Service and patriotic Ethiopians within the destructive force that has been organized by the Eritrean Government for several years, the the fully equipped combatants have arrived home on September 12, 2015.

During the over one-year long contact established with the patriotic Ethiopians within the destructive group organized by the Government of Eritrea and other anti-Ethiopia forces intent on disrupting the rapid growth of the country, and groups determined not to be instrumental to the evil deeds of the forces of destruction have been working covertly with the National Intelligence and Security Service in nipping in the bud the destructive mission of the Government of Eritrea and other terrorist groups.

Accordingly, Molla Asgedom, Chairman of the so-called Democratic Movement of the People of Tigray and the core army of the anti-Ethiopia alliance terrorist group and Vice Chairperson of the Movement established by the Eritrean Government and Guenbot 7, convinced and organized his other patriotic friends to foil the evil mission of the Government of Eritrea; and having maneuvered the whole process in line with the desire of the Government of Ethiopia and after effectively fulfilling his duties along with the patriotic group has brought the force to the motherland.Photo - TPDM fighters in Sudan on September 11, 2015

Although Molla Asgedom and his other patriotic friends had keen desire to return early to their country upon their realization that the dream of the Eritrean Government is destroying their country, the operation continued covertly along the directions they received from the National Intelligence and Security Service to thwart the conspiracy and the mischievous acts of the Eritrean Government and other destructive forces for the past more than one year and until the government decided that they pull out of that country when their mission was fulfilled.

During the stated period, Molla and his other patriotic friends have not only played a big role in thwarting the destructive mission they were given by the Eritrean Government, in supporting the National Intelligence and Security Service to take precautionary measures by providing information, and in feeding timely information about the anti-Ethiopia activities in Eritrea to  the National Intelligence and Security Service, but also made all the opposition groups in Eritrea take a common stand that the Chairman of the terrorist group Guenbot 7, Berhanu Nega, be pressurized to unwillingly move to Asmara from the United States if he was to lead the united army of the front formed recently by Guenbot 7 with the so-called Patriots’ organization.

After the arrival of the terrorist Birhanu Nega in Eritrea and his huge desire to create merger with agents of the Eritrean Government and following the pressure exerted on Molla Asgedom and his friends, Molla’s  group agreed to the merger; but vacated their forces on the morrow to thwart the anti-Ethiopia conspiracy Molla Asgedom and his friends blew into pieces following the fanfare of the Eritrean Government and its agents in celebration of the merger.

Even though the joint plan envisaged earlier was that the over 800-person fully armed and organized group led by Molla Asgedom and his friends enter their country via Humera, since the secret was communicated to the Eritrean Government by a traitor agent of Shaebiya at the eleventh hour and communication with the Ethiopian government abruptly disrupted, the group took a quick measure to realize its plan.

Although the Eritrean government tried to stop the group by mobilizing its forces quickly to Umhajer and close the road, the force led by Molla Asgedom and his friends first destroyed the Eritrean forces in Umhajer and next at the border checkpoint Souk-Alketir as well the properties and vehicles of the Eritrean Army before crossing to Hamdayt, Sudan. A group of over 400 crossed first and the other over 300 led by Molla Asgedom followed to cross over to Hamdayt.   

In the battle, many Eritrean soldiers were killed and unknown number of combatants of Molla Asgedom were also killed and wounded. Meanwhile, a group of more than 100 combatant friends of Molla Asgedom opened a third front at the same time to distract the attention of the Eritrean Army and were able to reach Humera successfully. Those left behind are still entering into Sudan and Ethiopia, and those members of the group unable to get out of Eritrea are prisoners, members of artistic troupes or the sick.  

Tigray and Amhara Regional states as well as the defense forces have participated actively and contributed hugely for the victory of this operation from the very outset.

Moreover, the Government of Sudan which has always been a close ally of peace and development of the Ethiopian people, has been protecting the combatants from attack by Eritrean soldiers on the soils of Sudan, providing food and shelter as well as medical treatment to the wounded. It has also helped them reach home peacefully by transporting the combatants to the border with Ethiopia. The joint anti-terror taskforce would therefore like to extend its highest gratitude to the Government of Sudan for this historic and unforgettable contribution in the name of the Government of Ethiopia.


Content gathered and compiled from online and offline media by Hornaffairs staff based on relevance and interest to the Horn of Africa.

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