ICJ to start hearing of Somalia-Kenya maritime border dispute

The International Court of Justice will open the first session of hearing the case of.

Kenyatta ordered to attend International Criminal Court (ICC) trial

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have ordered Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to attend.

Kenya: How a Facebook group in is shaming deadbeat parents

(Rick Noack) There are selfish, negligent parents all over the world. In Kenya, however, a.

India’s Ambassador to Kenya claims being ignored and mistreated

* He has not been able to meet the Foreign Minister since his arrival in.

The rise of devil worship in Kenya

(Pkemoi Ng’enoh) Incidents of devil worship are on the rise in Kenya, with members of.

Kenya and the international court: Off the hook?

The two leading Kenyans facing prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague.

Somalia: al-Shabab terror group names new leader

(Abdi Guled) Somalia’s Islamic extremist rebels, al-Shabab, named a new leader Saturday after confirming the.

Ethiopia rising, it is time for Kenya to wake up and compete | Kenyan scholar

[Bitange Ndemo(PhD) –Senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi and a former permanent secretary in.

Common enemy drawing Africa’s top spies closer

(Daniel Kalinaki) At the Safari Park Hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi, intelligence agents from.

Kenya faced 133 terror attacks since Somalia intervention

(Paul Wafula) Terrorists attacked Kenya 14 times on March 3 and 4, the day the.