Ethiopia: Minister Shiferaw warns again unnamed Muslim extremist

The government will no have spare time to allow any ill-move by subversive groups that have been using Islam as a disguise to create instability recently, the Minister of Federal Affairs told parliamentarians yesterday.

Minister Shiferaw Teklemariam (PhD) claimed that few extremist individuals and groups have started to openly advancing their extremist agenda among the Muslim community through inducements and intimidations, according to the news by the Amharic language daily Addis Zemen.

The Minister made the statement during his appearance at the parliament to present his Ministry’s nine months performance report.

The government can not sit by as these subversive groups try to mislead the Muslim community, thereby undermine the nation’s stability and development, he added.

The Minister warned these unnamed individuals and groups to refrain from inciting the Muslim against the government using various media outlets.

Shiferaw indicated that, out of respect for the Muslim community and readiness to address public demands, the government held several discussions with individuals who have been advancing demands concerning Awolia Muslim school and the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council. Thus, the issues have been sufficiently responded to.

The Minister is referring to the protests that centered Awelia school with demands that suspended teachers be re-instated and a re-election of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council leadership. The Islamic council announced weeks later that the reinstatement of the teachers and a timetable for elections. However, the protests continued despite on a smaller scale.


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Daniel Berhane

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