Can a Salafist movement be democratic?

According to Terje Østebø,“[a]s an ideology, it [Salafism] originated in the province of Najd, present-day.

Somalia: A Federal System in the Making

(…..and Ethiopia’s role in the eye of Somali people) Somalia positioned in the horn of.

Is African sovereignty more important than legitimate democracy?

(Sandile Zeka) Political changes in Burkina Faso make a compelling reason to revisit the dynamics.

Djibouti: Playing the great game

(Parselelo Kantai and Patrick Smith) Promoting itself as a safe haven amid regional turbulence, President.

Be Aware of Chaos Valley

Chaos valley is a resort of its own kind for political gaming. It is manmade..

Ebola- What next and where?

West Africa’s Ebola epidemic has cruelly exposed the weaknesses of health systems in the countries.

Is Africa rising? Thoughts from a ‘world view’ economist

(Richard Jones) Is Africa really rising? What does the continent’s booming economic growth mean for.

Africa’s Latest False Choice

(Mahamoud Ali Youssouf – Foreign Minister of Djibouti). With the rise of Asian economies and.

List | Top Aid recipients in Africa per capita

Which African countries are big recipients of Official Development Assistance (ODA)[1]? There are a number.

What’s in a name? European Imperialism and the Re-Naming of Africa

(Ali A. Mazrui and Andrew D. White) In July 2011 the Nile Valley gave birth.