Dance of the lions and dragons: How are Africa and China engaging and how will the partnership evolve?

(McKinsey’s Report) In a mere two decades, China has become Africa’s biggest economic partner. Across.

Tanzania’s ratification of the Entebbe treaty on Nile faces delay

(Peter Saramba Ongiri) Corruption allegations in the energy sector debated by the Tanzanian National Assembly.

What’s in a name? European Imperialism and the Re-Naming of Africa

(Ali A. Mazrui and Andrew D. White) In July 2011 the Nile Valley gave birth.

Ethiopia released 5 helicopters, 26 European pilots after weeks detention

(Kaleyesus Bekele) The Ethiopian government last week released five helicopters with 26 foreign crew members.

Ethiopia should wake up and smell the coffee – Financial Times

(Mian Ridge) Ethiopia, Africa’s biggest coffee producer, will benefit from unusually dry weather in Brazil.

Tanzanian Cabinet approved the Entebbe treaty on Nile waters

Tanzania’s Council of Ministers approved the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA, a.k.a. the Entebbe.