Logo - Arena Tigray party
Arena Tigray party should lead or get out of the way

(Haile Tessema) In a democracy, the opposition party has a very significant role to play.

The adverse impacts of hyper urbanization & industrialization on Mekelle & its environs

(Tesfai Hailu) As the biblical wise man put it centuries ago, “Where there is no.

Map - Ethiopian Somali region
Is it possible to be Somali by ethnic and Ethiopian by citizenship?

(Jjirde Hassan) The impacts of colonization era and post colonization are facts that no one.

Clip art - social media tools
Fake news on Facebook media and its remedy

Rapid development in social networking technologies over the last four decades has transformed the way.

Logo - Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT)
ESAT Radio and Television: The Voice of Genocide

(Zeray Wolqait) Introductory Note Freedom of press and other mass media and freedom of artistic.

Image - Clipart of people in circle holding hands
From Making Ethiopia Safe for Ethnic Diversity to Making Ethnic Diversity Safe for Ethiopia: The Ethiopian Political Elites’ New Challenge

(Abdissa Zerai (PhD) When World War I broke out in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson announced.

Photo - Ethiopian Birr
The Structure of Tax and Rationale of Recent Business Income Assessment in Oromia

(Teshome A.(PhD), OPEDC[1]) 1. Introduction The quality and strength of the government usually evaluated based.

Profile – Development Bank of Ethiopia

The Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) is a specialized development finance institution, operating since 1909.

Photo - Landscape in Ethiopia showing the effects of climate change
Confronting the Effect of Climate Change in Ethiopia

(Tesfagebriel Tekola – Lecturer at Mekelle University) More than 80 percent of Ethiopians, or more.

Map - Red Sea coastal nations
The Rift in the GCC and Diplomatic Responses from the IGAD Region

David Hearst, a British expert on Middle East affairs, recently surprised the host of an.