Photo - Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn [Credit: Addis Standard, Oct. 2015]
EPRDF’s ‘Deep Renewal’ and its Aftermath

(Tesfay Negus) It was in 2001 the rift between the core TPLF leadership has erupted..

Photo - Ethiopia's Simien Mountains
Ethiopia at a Critical Juncture: Antifragile or in a Trapped Transition?

Antifragility, a concept introduced by the author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, represents things that benefit from.

Map - Ethiopia-Oromia
The Interest of Oromia – Article 49 Does Tell

(Paulos Kebede) Following the circulation on social media of a document said to be draft.

Photo - Addis Ababa road
Unraveling Meles Zenawi’s Concept of Developmental State

The developmental state (DS) literature puts competent and autonomous public institutions at the kernel of.

Dance of the lions and dragons: How are Africa and China engaging and how will the partnership evolve?

(McKinsey’s Report) In a mere two decades, China has become Africa’s biggest economic partner. Across.

Photo - Addis Ababa evening view
Official draft law on Oromia’s special interest in Addis Ababa (Abridged translation)

A legislation to determine Oromia’s special interest in Addis Ababa was tabled in the federal.

Photo- Ethiopian Airlines Board members and Executive Officers
Profile | Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, abbreviated as Ethiopian, is the flag carrier of Ethiopia for the past seventy plus.

Image - Depiction of planned Odaa Bus by Oromia state
Witnessing a promising Economic Revolution in Oromia

(Dr. Teshome A.) 1/ Introduction Few writers are frightening the assertion of economic revolution by.

Photo - Asmara, Eritrea
The Rehabilitation of Africa’s Most Isolated Dictatorship

(Tom Gardner – Foreign Policy) Two recent and seemingly incongruous events may one day be.

Image - Clipart of people in circle holding hands
Pandora’s Box – full of Public Grievances

Urgent and concrete measures should be badly needed and deployed before it is too late.