Gibe is not Gila: Anti-dam activism gone awry

“Dam on Ethiopia’s Omo River Causing Hunger and Conflict”. That was the tittle of Sandra.

AfDB, World Bank to provide $1bln for Ethio-Kenya power lines

“The financing for the project breaks down as follows: African Development Bank, US $338 million;.

Why Ethiopia turns a deaf ear to environmentalists' outcry

(Daniel Berhane) Last month, I had an informative chat with a State Minister in the.

Gibe III dam | Group warns of ‘catastrophe’ in Omo Valley

SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE April 15, 2013 * Aid agencies turn blind eye to ‘catastrophe’ in Ethiopia *.

Vilifying Ethiopia's Villagization program: More unsubstantiated claims

Ethiopia’s villagization program has become a favorite subject for politically motivated critiques by advocacy organizations.

Briefing | Ethiopia’s sugar projects progressing steadily

One of the main foci of the Growth and Transformation Plan is development of sugar.

Gibe III & Omo | Anti-dam group short on fact, long on fiction again

The Gilgel Gibe III Dam is once again under fire from environmentalists who had previously.

Gibe III dam | Ethiopia Water Grabs: Creating 'East Africa's Aral Sea'?

(By Lori Pottinger) The destruction of the Aral Sea in Central Asia has been called.

China to loan $500 mil for Sugar projects in Omo and Afar

Ethiopia Sugar Corporation has said it has signed agreements with the state-owned China Development Bank.

Ethiopia-Kenya power line gets $348 mil., slated for next year

(By Sheree Hanna) The African Development Fund is backing a huge project to build a.