[Excerpts] UN report confirms Eritrea-ONLF-Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union link

Highlight: In 2006, following the seizure of Mogadishu by the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC),.

Update: 15th quake in the Ethio-Eritrea border [US Geological Survey report]

Updated again with its effect in Mekele, al-H̨udaydah, Assab towns. ****** Areas in the Eritrean Ethiopian border.

Note on CBS profile of Meles Zenawi

The US media CBS-News has been running a series titled ‘The world’s enduring dictators’ since.

PM Meles Zenawi with Jendayi Frazer on Kenya, Sudan, Somaliland, Eritrea | 7th leaked cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa

The whistleblowers’ site Wikileaks published a leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa. This is.

Eritrea’s return to the AU

Presumably, you are aware of the aberrant behavior of the Eritrean strongman. At least, you.

US, EU on Meles’s economics, Assab port and Election | leaked Cable of US Embassy Berlin

A recently leaked Cable of the US Embassy in Berlin, published by the whistleblowers’ website.

Military expenditure at a historic low | Ethiopia

The share of Military related expenditure has decreased to 1.42% of GDP in 2009, though the nominal size(not adjusted for inflation) increased to 4.7 Billion Ethiopian Billion Ethiopian Birr.
Similarly, according to the recent available data, the active military personnel count 0.36% of the total labor force. The size of the Army has also decreased to pre Ethio-Eritrean war times.