Treaty | Convention of Awsa b/n Italy, Shoa and Sultan of Danakil – 1883

[This convention was a declaration of friendship between the Kingdom of Italy and the supreme ruler of the Danakil, Sultan Mohamed Anfari. The agreement was based on the Asab Colony act of July 5, 1982 which mandated the government to achieve conventions of friendship and commerce with the Heads of the neighbouring regions of Asab. The Sultan of Danakil, the neighbouring region to the Italian colony of Asab, agreed to exempt Italian convoys bound for or to Assab from all taxes, to ensure free travel and consular activities and for Italian military to ensure security of the Danakil coast. The Convention, prepared in three copies, Amharic, Arabic and Italian, was subject to the approval the King of Shoa before ratification by the Government of Italy]


Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Italy and AWSA

March 15 and May 22, 1883

Convention between Italy and the supreme ruler of all the Danakil, Sultan Mohamed Anfari.

Article 1. Peace and friendship will be constant and perpetual between the Italian authorities of Assab and the Sultan Mohamed Hanfari and among all their employees.

Article 2. Each party will appoint a representative PEL handle matters.

Article 3. The sultan Muhamed Hanfari guarantees the Italian government and the King Menelik the safety of the street between Assab, and the kingdom of Shoa Ausia all Italian caravans to or from the sea.

Article 4. Sultan Mohamed Hanfari, in agreement with the other sultans, hereby exempt from all taxes or Tazi Italian convoys bound for or to Assab.

Article 5. Sultan Mohamed Hanfari grants to the Government of His Majesty the King of Italy the use of the land of Ablis (Aussa) on the land for the cultivation of Aussie act to establish a trading Italian.

Article 6. They will be respected all religions.

Article 7. The subjects of His Majesty the King of Italy to travel freely throughout the country dependent on the Sultan Mohamed Hanfari and employees of these will always be assisted by the Italian consular authorities.

Article 8. The warships of His Majesty the King of Italy from the sea will ensure the safety of the Danakil coast.

Article 9. This Convention shall be subject to the approval of His Majesty the King of Shoa and will be ratified by the representative of the Government of His Majesty the King of Italy.

Article 10. Of the Convention will be made three copies, written in Amhara, Arabic, Italian, and which agree perfectly in their respective translations.

Kadel-Gubo (Sengherra), March 15, 1883.
(Signature and seal of the Sultan Mohamed Hanfari).

Ankober, May 22, 1883.
(Seal of the King of Shoa)

The representative of His Majesty the King of Italy
P. Antonelli


Source: Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international.

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