UNICEF: Ethiopia reduced child mortality rate by 40 pc

Ethiopia has reduced its child mortality rate by 40 percent over the last two decades. The figure is attested by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The 14th Mothers International Conference said the progress in Ethiopia is impressive in preventing children’s death from preventable disease. Yet the death of children in Ethiopia is still big; yearly 28 thousands of children are dying in the country of preventable disease.

UNICEF highlighted a national immunization programme against measles and the distribution of millions of insecticide-treated bed nets in malaria-prone areas since 2005 enough to protect over 10 million families.

Ethiopia has laid a solid foundation to sustain and accelerate the decline in child mortality, the report confirms.

The Conference called on Ethiopia to work hard to bring in more mothers to health stations to prevent the death of mothers and death of under 5 children, which is of course in decline.

The Conference heard a number of researches on the issues related with heath of mothers and children. Often children and mothers are getting died of simply preventable infections and other diseases.


Source: ERTA – May 9, 2013

Daniel Berhane

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