A demagogue activist who is religiously and ethnically divisive and hate preacher, hosted by United State, which is paradoxically a great nation characterized by a paragon of democracy, should overhaul its stand and must not be a hiding sanctuary to such warmonger refuge by any scenario.

While Ethiopia is striving to nurture its infant democratic-federalism, diasporas like Jawar Mohamed should not be allowed to create turmoil in the country via the social media. The USA government must not be receptive to such kinds of stone-headed fundamentalists.

It is blatantly obvious that if Ethiopia, which is to be the fortress of peace and stability in the volatile East African region, is driven into chaos, the very national-interest of the United State will undoubtedly be affected negatively.

Thus, being just an observer and a host, while Jawar and his styles are directly or indirectly impacting USA’s national-interest, would be unwise position.

The Trump administration should remember that USA’s national-interest in the currently pacified street of Bable-Mandebe (neck of the red sea), through which properties of billions of dollars pass every day for import-export, is due to Ethiopia’s considerable role in stabilizing the horn of Africa region.

Likewise, it is imperative to remind that the proliferation of Islamic-extremism in the region is currently halted owing to Ethiopia’s unreserved and indispensable contribution through its first-rate hard and soft powers in Africa.

Hence, I think it is alsoworthwhile to remind that a weak if not a failed Ethiopia would definitely come up with an irreplaceable negative trickle-down effects on USA’s multifaceted economic and political advantages in the Middle East as well.

Therefore, the Trump administration should revise its stand in accommodating and creating a fertile soil for breeding Ethiopian extremists in the western side of the Atlantic.

Jawar Mohamed has, as of now, acquired more than 1.2 million facebook followers. His conflict-ridden and full of fake-news posts as well as hate-speeches have been significantly disturbing the peace and tranquility in the horn of Africa region in general and in Ethiopia in particular.

While Ethiopia is one of the best ally of the United State in the fight against terrorism, oppositely in a double-standard manner, USA is hosting Jawar and allow to flare his terrorism-oriented posts in the facebook media.

Image - Uncle Sam
Image – Uncle Sam

Why is the USA playing this double-standard game?

As to me, USA’s main approach or strategy it has towards Ethiopia is always keeping Ethiopia at cross-road position. United States is ideologically at loggerheads with Ethiopia’s democratic-developmental state ideology.

The country’s lucrative markets of financial institutions, telecom, and electric-power institutions have created an ambitious and unattainable wishes of the USA in conquering them through its multinational companies.

Ethiopia’s rejection of adopting the fruitless neoliberalism ideology, has irritated the West particularly the USA. This has played its own role in prompting the United Stateto host many more parasite and fanatic Ethiopian diasporas and back them to follow suit just like Jawar’s destructive deeds as well as tacitly fund them to destabilize Ethiopia at afar.

One of the ugliest principle of neoliberalism is: “Survival of the fittest !” which is really inhumane because the unfit has also a basic human right to survive and live.

In a country where there is asymmetric market information among its citizens and societies due to shortage of access to market media, it is not fair to put every citizen at equal footing within the demand-supply equations.

As a result, the government has to intervene temporarily and amend the market failure by supporting the lagging ones without discouraging the pacing ones. This kind of approach is plausible by many which is among the cardinal values of democratic-developmental state model.

In addition to this, the West’s color-revolution dissemination in the African countries is more or less unsuccessful.

Under the disguise of respecting human rights in Africa, the USA has been trying its best for years to push citizens to stage for color-revolution and overthrow the establishments and then put neoliberalism thinking puppets which would lead the poor countries to be tangled within the age-old poverty trap.

Another reason why the United States is unhappy with Ethiopia is that China’s intensive and extensive economic involvement in the country has also compelled USA to raise its eyebrows and looking forward to planting any possible clandestine setbacks against the Chinese investments in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.

The China-Africa trade volume is mushrooming to hundreds of billions of dollars while the USA-Africa’s is still much insignificant.

Since the China-Africa relations is purely economic and win-win without any sort of political string, almost all African countries have already turned their faces to the East.

This has come to be a great blow to the United States and Europe due to its consequence in dauntingly inflated costs of their goods and services sold to their citizens. This is because of the redirection of the African inputs (row materials) to industries in China in much better market prices, which used to be exploited from Africa in a very cheap and unfair pricesby the West.

As a result, the West is generally facing repetitive and formidable economic recessions that has led to the opening ofa chapter of dismemberment of the European Union, breaking the silence recently by Bri-Exit, while Greek-Exit, Spain-Exit, Catalonia-independence, Italy-Exit, etc are likely to follow suit.

Since the United State have failed in creating unfair as well as exploitative trade and investment relations with Ethiopia, much time has already elapsed since the country has begun its plan-B of tackling Chinese investments by destabilizing Ethiopia through proxy.

The United States have no option other than breeding Ethiopian diasporas like Jawar and Jawar-types who also have naive adherents in land to incite them to violence.

It has begun to be evidently visible that the USA still wants and strives to weaken Ethiopia by wracking havoc through those USA sponsored chauvinist and narrow-minded extremists, thereby hoping that the Ethiopian government would be ousted and quickly replaced by sects with pro-neoliberalism tendency.

At the end of the game, the Americans would be able to quench their elastic and pig-sized belly by being a free-lances in the aforementioned lucrative market sectors of the nation.

Accordingly, Jawar Mohamed is a suitable tool for USA to accomplish its audacious and unreachable selfish interests in Ethiopia and the region as whole.


Berhanu Tsegay is a resident of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and a Masters Degree holder in Development Studies. He can be reached at +251943-304555 or [email protected]

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