Ethiopia: Ruling party, allies win all seats and ~ 95% of the votes

Update: Further extrapolation of the data show the EPRDF and its allies amassed almost 31.

Ethiopia: Oppositions report fourth post-election death

Semayawi and Arena-Tigrai parties reported two deaths putting the total post-election death claims at four,.

Ethiopian Election Board: "This is not the end of the world"

[Updated with a remark from MEDREK’s spokesperson] * No opposition party lodged complaint as per.

Infographic | In Addis Ababa, EPRDF got 2/3rd of the Popular Votes

The Ethiopian ruling party, EPRDF, amassed all the legislative seats whose results are announced so.

Ten points on Ethiopia’s Election (Melak Mengistab)

(Melak Mengistab) In this post I will neither debate nor congratulate the electoral process, I.

Ethiopian election | Beyene Petros sour about the electoral process

(Neamin Ashenafi) Professor Beyene Petros is the president of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum.

MEDREK rejects election results, suggesting “civil disobedience could be next”

MEDREK, the main opposition coalition, rejected the results of the May 24th parliamentary and regional.

Semayawi party: “This election was worse than the previous ones”

Semayawi party announced its rejection of both the process and the results of last weekend’s.

Recap: Ethiopian Election coverage in the International Media

Millions of Ethiopians went to about 45,000 voting stations to elect Federal and State legislatures.

Minister Redwan: No Earthly Reason for Electoral Violence

Minister Redwan Hussein, head of Government Communications Affairs Office, gave a press conference to the.