Ethiopia: Election and Electors

(Naty Berhane) (Fairfax, Virginia, USA) The May election in Ethiopia is becoming somewhat interesting to.

Ethiopia: Police disbands a rally on an Opposition party’s fate, as deadline draws near

Police forcefully disband protesters today in the vicinity of an opposition party head office in.

Ethiopia: Opposition Parties blocked from Entering the May elections

(Marthe van der Wolf) Ethiopian opposition parties say they are facing roadblocks in their efforts.

Semayawi’s foiled rally: A reminder of Ethiopia’s deeper problems

Once more, freedom of assembly was put on the spotlight. A Consortium of 9 parties.

Anatomy, characteristics, strategies of Ethiopia’s opposition block

(Magertu Regassa) In civilized and democratic nations around the globe, political opposition is not luxury..

Transcending unity delusion: A generational shift to a more perfect union

It was almost a month later that I found out about an article written by.

Ethiopian extremists’ facebook posts’d be depressing you – Insights from a new research

Last month, the international media was buzz with a controversial research conducted on facebook. The.

‘Election-win-EPRDF-style’ in 8 Liberal Countries

“Can you think of any government that purports to be a multi-party democracy, but manages.