‘Audit me if you like’, first lady Azeb Mesfin | Ethiopia

Had there been an index of most gossiped persons in Ethiopia, Azeb Mesfin, wife of.

Ethiopia’s web filtering | Beyond the cycle of condemnation and denial

Last March, on the bi-monthly press conference, when the BBC journalist asked Premier Meles Zenawi,.

Name-calling | Lidetu Ayalew Vs. Birhanu Nega

Lidetu Ayalew, President of Ethiopian Democrats Party, takes on Birhanu Nega(PhD), the Chairman of Ginbot 7, in an interview hosted at aned-ethiopia radio on Nov. 20/2010.

New Security Advisor Appointed, State Media Skipped the News

Since Oct. 5/2010, PM Meles Zenaiw appointed 30 Ministers(including 10 Ministers without Portfolio), 49 State Ministers(including Prof. Tekalegn Mammo Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture with the rank of a State Minister ), 36 Especial envoys, Ambassadors plenipotentiary and Ambassadors, and 1 Commissioner (Sport Commissioner Abagisa).

The public media outlets reported all the previous appointments, as they were immediately notified by a letter from the PM Office.

But not this time.

Birtukan Mideksa Petition for Pardon and Interview Video

We reported earlier that the Ethiopian government accepted Birtukan Mideksa’s petition and granted her pardon.

Betting on Birtukan Mideksa-I

Justified you are to show ‘news fatigue’ or ‘reading-fatigue’, on the Birtukan Mideksa agenda. You.