In Addis, Geneva, Tel Aviv: Eritreans march to end torture, tyranny

Eritrean diaspora and refugees demonstrated in-front of at African Union (AU) Headquarters in Addis Ababa,.

Eritrean protestors threatened UN experts in Geneva

Security redoubled for members of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea following threats and.

Why South Africa let Bashir get away Once again?

Once again, the ICC comes out as a toothless entity in the wrangling over African.

What has befallen Eritrea?

(Natty Berhane) One of the crimes of the Eritrean ruling party’s that have not made.

Ethiopia: Gov’t moves to shut down MiMi Sebhatu’s FM radio

Ethiopia’s media licensing agency moves to shut down FM 90.7 of Zami Public Connections, as.

Paper | Federalism and Conflicts in Ethiopia

Highlights: * Some scholars have commented that the adoption of Ethiopian federalism was a “fundamental.

Ethiopia: Oppositions report fourth post-election death

Semayawi and Arena-Tigrai parties reported two deaths putting the total post-election death claims at four,.

Ethiopian elections: Asian investors, Regional allies, European admirers

(Martin Plaut) On 24 May, Ethiopia went to the polls – a fact that might.

Expert Opinion: Eritrea officially joined the club of rogue states

President Isaias Afeworki’s regime is facing a new round of condemnations following a report from.

Helicopter - Eritrean torture method
Eritrea’s 15 favorite methods of torture (+ pictures)

A United Nations report listed about 15 different methods of torture applied by the Eritrean.