Ethiopia: Monthly inflation surges to 39.2%

Price levels surged by 39.2% in July 2011 as compared to similar month last year,.

Pastoralists: Resettlement an option? | Ethiopia

The evidence strongly indicates that a return to the good old days when customary herding.

Ethiopia: Text of UN Human Rights Committee Q & A session report

The Human Rights Committee has concluded its consideration of the initial report of Ethiopia on.

Ethiopia Inflation Rate data: by region and items

Ethiopia’s Central Statistical Agency released yesterday the June 2011 Country Level Inflation Rate data. It.

Why the list is ‘incomplete’ | ‘Land grab’ deals review

The 24 Land lease agreements recently disclosed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture reveals that.

Saudi Billionaire Al-Amoudi on the Saudi star rice Farm in Gambella, Ethiopia
Where’s the export cap on Saudi star and Karuturi? | ‘Land grab’ deals review

Owner of Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc, the Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Sheikh Mohammed al- Amoudi,.

Ethiopia: Land grab deals revealed

Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture disclosed 24 Land lease agreements, concluded with Ethiopians and Foreigners, Today..

US State Dept 2010 Human Rights Reports: Ethiopia

The U.S. State Department published its annual Human Rights Practices report last Friday. This report,.

Ethiopia’s Humanitarian Requirements for 2011

The 2011 Humanitarian Requirements Document has been launched on Feb 07/.2011. The document, which is.

Nation expects 9% higher production, half comes from Oromia

Ethiopia expects 19.6 million tons of harvest from the Meher season of 2010/11, which is.