Ethiopia: 8.2 mln people need relief aid, $164 mln urgently needed

Press release: UN Humanitarian Country Team Addis Ababa, 13 October 2015: The Government of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: 7.5 mil need food aid following weak summer rains

The number of Ethiopians in need of relief food aid surged by to 7.5 million,.

Ethiopia: Delayed rains causing "crisis" in Afar, Somali regions

Delayed seasonal rains are causing livestock loss and risk of food shortage in some parts.

UN: Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea blame the West for development, climate, UN reform

Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea seized the opportunity to point fingers at the West for the.

Nile: Sudanese scholar backs Ethiopian dam

In a rare defiance of Egyptian pressure, to which Sudanese scholars acquiesced to for decades,.

Nile| The Experts Panel on Ethiopia’s dam issued its report

The Ministry of Water and Energy disclosed on Saturday that the International Panel of Experts.

Why Ethiopia turns a deaf ear to environmentalists' outcry

(Daniel Berhane) Last month, I had an informative chat with a State Minister in the.

Nile | Ethiopians raise billions, despite foreign-backed Saboteurs

(Daniel Berhane) The Ethiopian government disclosed that it has collected about 4.4 Billion Birr from.

Saline lake puts Awash River and Aggro-investments at risk

Highlight: Authorities have attributed Beseka’s growth to irrigation runoff in the Metahara area. A saline.

Gibe III dam | Group warns of ‘catastrophe’ in Omo Valley

SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE April 15, 2013 * Aid agencies turn blind eye to ‘catastrophe’ in Ethiopia *.