UN: Nile water allocation has become a near zero-sum game

* The population in the Nile basin — currently around 200 million people — is.

USAID: Horn of Africa drought fact sheet – Fiscal Year 2012


Ethiopia: UN Committee inquires about Gibe III dam, Sugar project

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) requested Ethiopia ‘to provide information.

Ethiopia-Kenya: Who rules the range?

The border land between Kenya and Ethiopia is a vast, open plain under a big.

Is one man’s agricultural investment another’s land grabbing? | A Week in the Horn

Highlights: * In the first place, we need to understand the definition of “land grabbing”..

Egypt: Major headaches for water planners

Leaking water pipes, evaporation and a rapidly growing population may be significant concerns for those.

First Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa

Addis Ababa hosted the The first Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA-1),.

Report | FAO: High and volatile food prices are likely to continue

‘The food and economic crises of recent years are challenging our efforts to achieve the.

Why the list is ‘incomplete’ | ‘Land grab’ deals review

The 24 Land lease agreements recently disclosed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture reveals that.

Saudi Billionaire Al-Amoudi on the Saudi star rice Farm in Gambella, Ethiopia
Where’s the export cap on Saudi star and Karuturi? | ‘Land grab’ deals review

Owner of Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc, the Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Sheikh Mohammed al- Amoudi,.