Ethiopia: S.Sudan detained 15 for killings in Saudi-Star farm, Gambella

The Gambella Regional State authorities have announced that fifteen people have been detained in Jonglei.

Sudan, South Sudan to resume negotiations on May 17 in Addis

(May 12 – Xinhua) – The African Union High-Level Implementation Panel on Sudan (AUHIP) has.

Analysis | Sudan’s Oil War

Highlights: * The accelerating outbreak in violence, culminating in South Sudan’s incursion into Heglig, is.

Sudan-S. Sudan: Text of UN Resolution 2046-2012 and statements

The United Nations Security Council approved last Wednesday a resolution that threatens both countries with.

Sudan-South Sudan: The Heart of the Matter in the Worsening Relations

As Antonovs from bases in Sudan continue to miss their targets amidst the ear-splitting sounds.

Spreading Conflict between Sudan and South Sudan

On Wednesday this week, Prime Minister Meles received a special envoy with a message from.

Sudan-South Sudan: The conflict in the oil-rich Heglig

The conflict ridden relationship between Sudan and South Sudan appeared to edge closer to war.

Sudan, South Sudan agree on status of nationals, boundary demarcation

Following a week of talks in Addis Ababa, on Tuesday March 13th Sudan and the.

Uganda: Questions over progress against the Lord’s Resistance Army

The US believes its military intervention in central Africa in pursuit of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s.

Time to take early action before another Horn of Africa drought

A discussion on the possibility of a third consecutive year of drought in the Horn.